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This seminar and the accompanying notes are intended to raise awareness of the particular issues which can arise when considering a flat roof refurbishment project.

As experienced flat roof contractors whose core business is refurbishment work, we are in a position to advise on the types of issues which regularly arise during these works, as well as offering impartial advice regarding the types of waterproofing systems which are available.


There are also a wide range of waterproofing choices; Membranes, Liquid applied, sheet metals.  It is often possible to utilise various types of waterproofing for a roof project, but one may be better suited than others.


Our intention – as installers of most systems/approved contractor listings – is to offer objective & impartial guidance, and the seminar covers all aspects to be considered when undertaking flat roof refurbishment.

“Continuing professional development (CPD) is a commitment by members to continually update their skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent.”


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Our seminar is accredited by the Construction CPD Certification Service and entitles candidates to 1 hour of CPD time towards their professional requirements.