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Flat Roof Installation

BBR Roofing have been installing flat roofs of all

types for over twenty years, having started as traditional bitumen felt installers and subsequently developing into single-ply and liquid applied waterproofing applications.



Today there is well over 150 years of roofing experience among our management staff, which gives us the confidence (and competence) to take on all types of flat roofing work.

Traditional bitumen

felt roofing


Bitumen felt roofing is the most well established of all flat roofing systems, having been in use for over a hundred years.  Traditional techniques involved the use of ‘pour-and-roll’ felting, where bitumen blocks are melted in a special bitumen boiler and rolls of bitumen felt are rolled into the hot liquid bitumen on the roof.  The roof covering will normally consist of two or three layers of this ‘built-up’ roofing, although some modern felts have been designed to act as ‘single-layer’ membranes.


Bitumen felt is more commonly laid these days as a torch-applied system, although there is also a trend towards cold-applied systems using self-adhesive, mechanically fixed or adhesive bonded membranes.  The cold applied systems are usually sealed up by the use of hot-air welding techniques. BBR Roofing are not only experienced in the application of all these types of bitumen felt systems, but are also approved by the major felt manufacturers to lay their high-spec and guaranteed systems.


Single-ply roofing


So called because these roof coverings consist of a single layer of a high performance polymeric or rubber based membrane, they have become significant players in the flat roofing industry in the last forty years.  Materials such as PVC and TPO/TPE membrane are generally adhesive or mechanically fixed to the deck or an insulation layer, and are then hot-air welded along the laps to provide waterproofing security.  Rubber type materials such as EPDM can be supplied in large panels, which cover large areas of roof quickly and cleanly.


BBR Roofing are approved installers for a number of single-ply manufacturer systems, and can offer the guarantees associated with them.  In accordance with the Single-ply Roofing Association’s rules and guide-lines, all operatives must undertake the training courses provided by the manufacturers of the material in order to be able to access the manufacturer’s site inspection service and guarantees.



Liquid applied roofing


As the name implies, these roofing systems use liquids of polyurethane, acrylic or other complex polymers, reinforced with glass fibre or

polyester fleeces, to provide insitu-formed waterproof coverings.


LAW roofing is particularly suitable for applications where heat cannot be used and where there is a lot of complex detail work on a roof.

There are also versions specifically designed for pedestrian walkways such as balconies and terraces, which are hard-wearing and have

slip resistant surfaces.


BBR Roofing are approved installers of liquid applied waterproofing for several major manufacturers, and can provide the guarantees

associated with their systems.